Wisconsin Craft Beer Coaster Guide

Coasters are listed in alphabetical order by brewery name.  City and dates of operation are listed in each brewery's section.  Please e-mail if you have more current or accurate information or a Wisconsin coaster you think should be shown.  Note that I am not listing coasters from traditional regional/national brewers, such as Huber, Stevens Point, Miller, City, etc.  Many thanks to George Akin who supplied color copies of most of the coasters, several of which I do not have (let's trade!).  E-mail coasterboyATtdsDOTnet if you have questions, suggestions, coasters that are not listed or you want to trade.

Ahnapee Brewing Co.
Ale Asylum
Alt Brew updated July, 2018

Ambier Vienna Style- see Vienna Brewing Co.

American Sky Beer- see Hudson Brewing Co.
Angelic Brewing
Appleton Beer Factory

Appleton Brewing Co.
Badger State Brewing Co.
Bare Bones Brewery

Barkers Island Inn
Barrel 41 Brewing Co.
updated December, 2018

The Benjamin Beer Co.
Das Bierhaus
Big Bay Brewing Co.

Big Dick Brewing Co.

Black Husky Brewing updated September, 2018
Black River Brewery & Pub

Bloomer Brewing Co, LLC updated August, 2018
Blue Heron BrewPub
updated August, 2018
BluBeer or BluCreek Blueberry Ale- see HMS World Supply
Bodega Brew Pub
Bootie Beer Co.

Brewfinity Brewing Co.
Brewmaster's Pub

Brewster Bros. Brewing Co. updated November, 2018
Broken Bat Brewing Co. updated August, 2018

Bugsy's Sports Bar & Microbrew (Brown Street Brewery)

Bull Falls Brewing Co.

Capital Brewery updated September, 2018
Captain Barker's Ale- see Barkers Island Inn
Central Waters Brewing Co.
Central Waters Brewpub
Cercis Brewing Co. updated August, 2018
Chameleon Brewing Co.
Cherryland Brewing
City Brewery- see Wisconsin "non-micro" guide
City Lights Brewing Co.
Copper State Brewing Co.
Cross Plains Beer Co.
Das Bierhaus
Delafield Brewhaus

Dells Brewing Co.- see Moosejaw Pizza & Dells Brewing Co.
Dead Bird Brewing Co.

Door County Brewing Co.
Eagle Park Brewing Co.
Earth Rider Brewery
Egan Brewing Co.
EndeHouse Brewery & Restaurant

Enlightened Brewing Co.
Esser's Best- see Cross Plains Brewing Co.
The Explorium Brewpub
The Fermentorium
Fifth Ward Brewing Co.
4 Brothers Blended Beer Co.

Fox River Brewing Co.
Furthermore Beer
Geneva Lake Brewing Co.

Good City Brewing Co.
Gray's Tied House 
Great Dane Pub & Brewing Co.
updated August, 2018
Grumpy Troll Brewpub

Hereford and Hops Restaurant & Brewpub
H.H. Hinder Brewing Co. updated November, 2018

Hillsboro Brewing Co. updated July, 2018
Hinterland Beer- see Green Bay Brewing Co.
HMS World Supply
Hop & Barrel Brewing Co. updated July, 2018
The Hop Garden
Hop Haus Brewing Co.

Hops Haven Brew Haus
Horny Goat Brewing Co.
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Hubbleton Brewing Co.
Hudson Brewing Co.
Hydro Street Brewing Co.
Inventors Brewpub
Isadore Street Brewing Co.
J.T. Whitney's

updated November, 2018
The Keg

Knuth Brewing Co.
Kozy Yak Brewery

LaBelle Brewing Co.
Lakefront Brewery updated November, 2018
Leatherhead Brewing Co.

Legends Brewhouse & Eatery
Lilja's Pulling Boat Pale Ale- see Pangaea Beer Co.
Lion's Tail Brewing Co.

LogJam Microbrewery
The Lone Girl Brewing Co.
Longnecks Brew Pub & Restaurant

Lucette Brewing Co.

McFleshman's Brewing Co. updated November, 2018
Milwaukee Ale House
Milwaukee (MKE) Brewing Co.

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    Page 2 (14 on) updated September, 2018
Minhas Craft Brewery
Minocqua Brewing Co.
updated August, 2018
Mobcraft Brewing Co. updated November, 2018

MoonRidge Brew Pub

Moose Jaw Pizza & Dells Brewing Co.
Mount Horeb Pub & Brewery
New Glarus Brewing Co.
Next Door Brewing Co.
Nomad Red Lager- see Lakefront Brewing Co.
Northwoods Brewpub & Grill

Octopi Brewing updated November, 2018
Old Bavarian Gasthaus
Oliphant Brewing Co. updated August, 2018
Omega Brewing Experience
Onapa Brewing Co.
One Barrel Brewing Co.

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    Page 2 updated August, 2018
O'so Brewing Co.
Pangaea Beer Co.
Pearl Street Brewing Co.

Pecatonica Beer Co.
Plymouth Brewing Co.
Port Huron Brewing Co.
Port Washington Brewing Co.
Potosi Brewing Company
updated November, 2018
Potosi Brewery Foundation
Pumphouse Pizza & Brewing Co.

Racine Brewing Co.
Rail House Brewing Co.
Raised Grain Brewing Co.
Randy's Restaurant & Fun Hunters Brewery

Red Eye Brewing Co.

Rhinelander Brewing Co., LLC
Riverside Brewery & Restaurant

Rock County Brewing Co. updated August, 2018
Rockhound Brewing Co.
Rocky Reef Brewing Co. updated July, 2018

Rowland's Calumet Brewing Co.
Rush River Brewing Co.
Rustic Rail Grill & Brewhouse

Rustic Road Brewing Co. updated September, 2018
St. Francis Brewery & Restaurant updated September, 2018
Sand Creek Brewing Co. updated November, 2018
Sawmill Brew Shed

Sawmill Brewing Co. updated August, 2018
Sconnie Beverage Co.
Second Salem Brewing Co.
Shipwrecked Brewpub
Silver Creek Brewing Co.
South Shore Brewery updated August, 2018
Sprecher Brewery
Stillmank Brewing Co.
Stone Cellar Brewpub (Stone Arch Handcrafted Beers)
Stout Bros. Public House

Sweet Mullets Brewing Co.
Swinging Bridge Brewing Co.
Switch Gear Brewing Co.
Third Sign Brewery- see Octopi Brewing
Third Street Brewpub- see Woodman Brewery
Thirsty Pagan Brewing

III Dachshunds Beer Co.

3 Sheeps Brewing Co.
Thumb Knuckle Brewing Co.

Thunder River Beer- see Green Bay Brewing Co.
Titletown Brewing Co.
Tribute Brewing Co. updated July, 2018
Turtle Stack Brewery
22 Lakes Brewing Co. updated November, 2018
Twin Ports Brewing Co.
Two Beagles Brewpub
Tyranena Brewing Co.

University of Wisconsin-Platteville
Urban Harvest Brewing Co. updated November, 2018
Vennture Brew Co. updated August, 2018
Vienna Brewing Co.
Water Street Brewery
Water Street Brewery- Grafton
Water Street Brewery- Lake Country

Water Street Brewery- Oak Creek
West Bend Brewing Co.
Wisconsin Brewing Co., Verona
Wisconsin Brewing Co., Wauwatosa

Wisconsin Dells Brewing Co.- see Moosejaw Pizza & Dells Brewing Co.
Woodman Brewery (Whistle Stop Restaurant & Brewery)
Working Draft Beer Co.