Waukesha Curling Club, Waukesha, WI
Paper club attempts to hold a bonspiel on Fox Lake every third year. The pin depicts the Greek goddess Psyche, not a curler.  Here we see her contemplating her third task assigned by Aphrodite, which was to obtain a crystal jar of water from a waterfall cascading over a high cliff on the River Styx.
Pindawg collection
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Pindawg collection


Waupaca Curling Club, Waupaca, WI
Waupaca Lochs
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Wausau Curling Club, Wausau, WI
Wausau Highlanders
1948-present (a Highlander's Womens Bonspiel still exists)
Pindawg collection
Left- Older, heavier, horizontal pinback
Right- Newer, lighter, vertical pinback
Eric Cable collection
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