Guide to bulge-top sham pilsner glasses of U.S. breweries. 

Welcome to Shamboy's museum of U.S. sham pilsner glasses.  If you have a glass I have not pictured, please send me a photo of it or, better yet,  trade it or sell it to me.    Contact me by e-mail at coasterboyATtdsDOTnet.  Comments about my collection & the online museum:

1) I only collect the shape of sham pilsner glass (bulge-top sham pilsner glass) you see below and only one size of each variant, preferably the smallest one available.  Size variations will not be documented.

2) Glasses are listed by brand and brewery.  I will assign code numbers by brewery.

3) Dates are my best guess.  Dates above a section are dates the brewery was in operation.  Dates below each glass are the dates of issue.  If you have better or more complete information, please write. 

Update (Jan. 17, 2010):  I have modified the glass code number system to match, as much as possible, the numbering in James Rowley's 2009 book A Guide To Bulge Top Shams.  An exact match is not possible, as Jim has organized glasses by brand name.  I have kept my code numbering system organized by brewery, as have successful online guides to U.S. beer coasters and labels.  Beer brands are cross referenced in the listings, so you will still be able to search for a glass by the beer brand it advertises.

Glass terminology & history of use

Click on the letters below to find the brand or brewery in which you are interested.

A, B updated September, 2019
G, H updated June, 2019
I-L  updated June, 2019
M-O updated June, 2019
P-R updated July, 2018
S-Z updated September, 2019

Microbreweries with bulge-top sham pilsners (or logo on a brewery festival glass) updated September, 2019
Beer festival glasses updated September, 2019
Mystery glasses
Beer cooling system glasses

Homebrew club, brewers guild & association glasses
Foreign glasses

Beer festival bulge-top sham pilsner glasses for trade