T-Bonz Gill, Grill & Brewery, Mount Pleasant, SC
1995 - c.2011
TBONZ-1  2003
TBONZ-1 rev

Terre Haute Brewing Co., Terre Haute, IN
1899-1918, 1934-1958

TERRE-1  1950's 


The Tivoli Brewing Co. (The Tivoli Union Co.), Denver, CO
1900-1915, 1932-1965
TIVO-1  1950's
TIVO-2  1950's


Tuscan Brewing Co., Red Bluff, CA
TUSC-1  2000's
Same logo front and back
Fred Ungar collection


Uchtorff Brewing Co., Davenport, IA

UCHT-1  1953-1956

Salesman's sample?
Fred Ungar collection

UTCH-3  1953-1956
Bulge-top-and-bottom sham pilsner glass!
Dan Pawlak collection


United States Brewing Co. (Canadian Ace Brewing Co.), Chicago, IL
UNIT-1  late 1940's-1950's?
UNIT-2  late 1940's-1950's?
Fred Ungar collection
(this glass wanted) 
UNIT-3  1940's
Fred Ungar collection

UNIT-4  1950's


Viking Brewing Co., Dallas, WI
VIKI-1  c.2000

VIKI-1  close-up
VIKI-2  2007