Potosi Brewing Co., Potosi, WI
1905-1972 (did business under other names 1852-1905)

POTO-1  early 1930's
Fred Ungar collection
Dates courtesy of Dan Durley
POTO-2  late 1950's-1960's
Dates courtesy of Dan Durley
Variations in gold color and
logo position exist

POTO-3 obv  1950's-early 1960's
Dates courtesy of Dan Durley

POTO-3 rev
POTO-4 obv  early 1960's
dates courtesy of Dan Durley

POTO-4 rev

POTO-5  late 1950's-1960's
Variations in logo width exist
Dan Pawlak collection
Jim Rowley photo
POTO-6  late 1950's-1960's
Dan Pawlak collection
(this glass wanted)

POTO-5 rev (above)
POTO-6 rev (below)


Potosi Brewery Foundation (contract brewer), Potosi, WI
Dedicated to preserving the Potosi Brewery, www.potosibrewery.com
POBF-1 obv  2002
A batch was brewed by Stone City Brewing in Solon, IA (since closed).
POBF-1 rev  2002
POBF-2 obv  2002
No beer brewed to match this glass.
POBF-2 rev  2002
POBF-3  2004
Same design on reverse.
Brewed by Jos. Huber Brewing in
Monroe, WI.

POBF-3  close-up



Name of Brewery, City