Event (league and intraclub bonspiel) winners and event pins of Madison Curling Club

Pins of the Madison Curling Club and those who have won them are shown in the pages listed below.  The earliest records known are from 1948 (Mansfield Event).  Please write to the e-mail address below, if you find errors or can fill in gaps in the records.

If you have a pin not shown, you could e-mail a photograph or arrange for me to photograph your pin at <draw4ATtds.net>.  All significantly different pin designs are wanted.  The same pin design, but with a different year, will not be shown.

If you can provide history of the events or the people for which they are named, please contact me at <draw4ATtds.net> (replace "AT" with "@").

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Club trading pins and past presidents of MCC

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Women's League Pins
    All-American Event
    Toories Event
    President's Cup Event
    Jamieson Event
    Cottrell Event
    Ferguson Event
    Betty Knowles Event
    Johnson Event

Men's League Pins
    Mansfield Event
Open League Pins
    Botham Event
    Solheim Event
    Waddell Event

    McNaughton Event
    Leifer Event
    Stevenson Event
    Daniels Event

    Strobel Event
    Ceilidh Event

Mixed League Pins updated December, 2012
    Lake Event
    Woody Event

Intraclub Bonspiel Pins
    Fowler Event (Post-season Men's)
    Gilmore Event (Mid-season Open)
    Drives Event (Post-season Mixed)

Invitational Bonspiel Pins
    Women's Invitational Bonspiel- pin photos and history needed
    Men's Invitational Bonspiel
    Mixed Invitational Bonspiel

Commemorative Pins for National Events
    USWCA Bonspiel
    U.S. Club Nationals
    U.S. Junior National Championship
    U.S. Curling Championship
    U.S. Olympic Team Trials