Bonn, Inc., (distributor), Milwaukee, WI
Brewed by Whitewater Brewing Co., Whitewater, WI  1906-1916, 1933-1942
Bonn Pilsner was brewed from 1937-1940 (info thanks to Vic Kroll).
Additional info from "Wisconsin Beer Labels: The First 75 Years" lists the label under Blumer Brewing of Monroe, WI and under "various unassigned Milwaukee labels".  Who brewed this beer?
BONN-1  1937-1940
Fred Ungar collection


Bosch Brewing Co., Lake Linden, then Houghton/Hancock, MI
1874-1918, 1933-1964
BOSCH-1  1960's
BOSCH-2  1964
Fred Ungar collection
BOSCH-3  1964
Fred Ungar collection

Boston Beer Co., Boston, MA
BOST-1  obverse  1999
BOST-1  reverse
BOST-2  obverse  1994
BOST-2  reverse
BOST-3 reverse (obverse same as BOST-1)
Fred Ungar collection
(this glass wanted)
BOST-4 reverse  late 1990's?
(obverse same as BOST-1)
BOST-5 obverse  late 1990's?
Fred Ungar collection