Millstream Brewing Co., Amana, IA
MILLS-1A  1990's
MILLS-1B  1990's
Photo courtesy of Dan Pawlak

MILLS-2  1990's
Fred Ungar collection

MILLS-1 & 2 close-up

Glasses were ordered early in the brewery's history and were to include the entire logo.  They were received from the manufacturer with the thin banner portion of the logo only and, of course, have not been reordered


Harry Mitchell Brewing Co., El Paso, TX
1934-1956 (Mitchell Brewing Co., 1952-1956)
MITC-1  late 1930's-early 1940's
Fred Ungar collection
MITC-2  1940's
Fred Ungar collection
MITC-3  late 1940's-early 1950's
MITC-4  1950's
MITC-5  1950's
Fred Ungar collection