Geo. Walter Brewing Co., Appleton, WI
1890-1920, 1933-1972

WALT-A-1  late 1950's-1960's
WALT-A-2  late 1950's
Fred Ungar collection
(this glass wanted)


Walter Brewing Co., Eau Claire, WI
1890-1920, 1933-1985
WALT-E-1  1950's
WALT-E-2  1960's
WALT-E-3  1970's
WALT-E-3  close-up
NORW-1  2009
See Northwoods Brewpub


Walter Bros. Brewing Co., Menasha, WI
1888-1920, 1933-1956
WALT-M-1  1950's


The Walter Brewing Co., Pueblo, CO  1898-1916, 1933-1971
(Branch of General Brewing Co., San Francisco, CA  1971-1975)

WALT-P-1  1940's?

WALT-P-2  1950's

WALT-P-3  1950's
Slight variations exist

WALT-P-4  1960's

WALT-P-5  1960's-1970's

WALT-P-6  1970's

WALT-P-7  1960's-1970's

WALT-P-8  1960's-1970's
Fred Ungar collection
WALT-P-9  1940's?
Photo by Jim Rowley


Name of Brewery, City