Schoenhofen Edelweiss Co., Chicago, IL  1925-1951
branch of Drewry's Ltd., South Bend, IN  1951-1972
SCHOED-1  1950's


The Schoenling Brewing Co., Cincinnati, OH  1934-1987
The Hudepohl-Schoenling Brewing Co.  1987-1997
SCHOEL-1  1950's
Fred Ungar collection
(this glass wanted)
SCHOEL-2  1940's


Schorr-Kolkschneider Brewing Co., St. Louis, MO
1902-1924, 1933-1939
SCHOR-1  late 1930's
Image from Kevin Kious & Donald Roussin


Sheridan Brewing Co., Sheridan, WY
1885-1920, 1933-1954
SHER-1  1940's-1950's


Sioux City Brewing Co., Sioux City, IA
SIOUX-1  1930's-1940's

SIOUX-1  close-up


Skagway Brewing Co., Skagway, AK
SKAG-1  2000-2002

SKAG-1  close-up


Spearman Brewing Co., Pensacola, FL
SPEA-1  1950's?
Fred Ungar collection


Spoetzl Brewery, Inc., Shiner, TX
1909-1918, 1933-present

SPOE-1  1970's 


Sprecher Brewing Co., Glendale (Milwaukee), WI
Micro/Import Beer Tasting, Penfield Children's Center

SPRE-1  1997
SPRE-1  reverse
SPRE-2  1998
Dan Pawlak collection
SPRE-2  reverse