Joseph Schlitz Brewing Co., Milwaukee, WI
1858-1981 (brands bought by Stroh's)

SCHLI-1  1940's
Jim Rowley collection

SCHLI-1A  1940's

SCHLI-2  1940's

SCHLI-1A & 2  close-up

SCHLI-3  1940's-1950's
SCHLI-4  1950's?
Fred Ungar collection

SCHLI-5  1950's?
Fred Ungar collection

SCHLI-6  1950's?
Fred Ungar collection
SCHLI-7  1950's
SCHLI-8  1950's-1960's
vertical position variants of logo exist

SCHLI-10  1960's
In close-ups of SCHLI-9, 10 and 13, note spacing between logo and slogan, shape and enamel color of logo and size and color of trademark symbol


SCHLI-11  1960's
SCHLI-12  mid 1950's
Bruce Marks collection
Photo courtesy of Fred Ungar
(this glass wanted)

SCHLI-13  1960's
Compare to SCHLI-9 and 10
SCHLI-14  1970's

SCHLI-15  1990's?
SCHLI-16  1950's-1950's
SCHLI-24  1950's?
(this glass wanted)
Possible salesman's sample
Fred Ungar collection