Rahr Green Bay Brewing Co., Green Bay, WI

RAHR-1  1950's-1960's 

RAHR-2  1950's-1960's

Redtop Brewing Co., Cincinnati, OH
REDT-1  1940's-early 1950's
Fred Ungar collection
(this glass wanted)

REDT-1A  1940's-early 1950's

REDT-3  1940's-early 1950's
REDT-2  1940's
Fred Ungar collection

A Barbarossa glass with a red only logo is said to exist.  Who has a photo?

Rhinelander Brewing Co., Rhinelander, WI
1893-1967, 2018-present

RHIN-1  1950's
RHIN-2  late 1950's-1960's

RHIN-3  2018
From the new Rhinelander Brewing Co.
Same name and own the Rhinelander brand rights, but otherwise no ownership relation to the historic brewery.


Rice Lake Brewing Co., Rice Lake, WI
RICE-1  1940's-1950's


Rohrbach Brewing Co., Rochester, NY
Flour City Brewers Fest
ROHR-1  1990's-2000's

ROHR-1  close-up

Rumspringa Brewing Co., Bird-In-Hand, PA
RUMS-1  2010's

Jacob Ruppert (Inc.), New York, New York
1867-1920, 1933-1965
RUPP-1  1940's
Fred Ungar collection
RUPP-2  1940's-1950's