Pabst Brewing Co., Milwaukee, WI  1844-present
(Division of S. & P. Co. starting 1985.  Milwaukee plant closed 1996.  Contract brewer to present.)

PABST-1  1940's
PABST-2  late 1940's
Fred Ungar collection

PABST-3  c.1950
PABST-3A low logo position
PABST-3B has metallic sheen when light hits the logo.
PABST-4  mid 1950's
PABST-5  1960's-1970's
"Fat" ribbon variant.  "Skinny" ribbon variant is PABST-8

PABST-6A  "fat" ribbon

PABST-6B  "skinny" ribbon

PABST-7  reverse close-up
Obverse is PABST-11
Fred Ungar collection
(this glass wanted)

PABST-5  "fat" ribbon
PABST-8  "skinny ribbon"

PABST-9  1970's-1980's

PABST-10  1970's-1980's
Jim Rowley collection
PABST-11  1970's-1980's
PABST-7 obverse  1983
PABST-12  1980's-1990's

PABST-13  1977

PABST-14  1978

PABST-15  c.1970

PABST-16  early 1970's

PABST-17  early 1980's
PABST-18  2011
Issued by the Captain Frederick Pabst Mansion in Milwaukee
WI-PABST-19A  2000's?
WI-PABST-19B  2000's?
WI-PABST-20  1940's-1950's?

Pacific Brewing Co., Wailuke, Maui, HI
early 1990's (anyone have exact dates?)
PACI-1  early 1990's

PACI-1  close-up