Lone Star Brewing Co., San Antonio, TX  1884-1918, 1940-1983
Did business under other names, 1933-1940
Subsidiary of Olympia Brewing Co., 1976-1983
G. Heileman Brewing Co., 1983-1999
LONE-1  1940's?
LONE-2  early 1950's
LONE-3A  late 1950's
LONE-3B  late 1950's
Smaller logo, outline star (see detail)
Fred Ungar collection

LONE-3A detail

LONE-3B detail
LONE-4  1940's-1950's?
LONE-5  late 1950's
LONE-6  1970's?
Fred Ungar collection
LONE-7  1970s-1990s

Long Island Brewing Co., Jericho, NY
LONGI-1  1995

Long Valley Pub & Brewery, Long Valley, NJ
LONGV-1  1.5 inch logo
LONGV-2  1.75 inch logo
late 1990's-early 2000's


A.H. Lowery Co., beer distributor in Knoxville, TN
LOWE-1  ?date
Bruce Marks collection
Photo courtesy of Fred Ungar
(this glass wanted)