Coors Brewing Co. (Adolph Coors Co., Unibev Ltd.), Golden, CO
1880-1915, 1933-present
Blue Moon Brewing Co. is the craft-brewing subsidiary of Coors
COORS-1  1960's-1970's
Minor color variants exist
COORS-1B  1960's-1970's
Fred Ungar collection
COORS-2  1960's-1970's
Minor color variants exist
COORS-3  1970's-1980's
COORS-4  1960's-1980's?
Clear "Premium", red background
Fred Ungar collection

COORS-5  1960's-1980's?
Red "Banquet", clear background
COORS-6  1980's
COORS-7  1980's
COORS-8A  1980's
Fred Ungar collection
COORS-8B  1980's
larger than *A, high logo
COORS-9A  1980's-1990's
COORS-9B obverse  1992
COORS-9B reverse
COORS-10  1980's-1990's
COORS-11  1980's
COORS-12  1990's

COORS-13  1990's
COORS-14  1990's
COORS-15  1990's
COORS-16A  2000's
COORS-16B  2000's
COORS-17  2006
COORS-18A  2008
Fred Ungar collection
COORS-18B  late 2000's
Lacks "Original"

COORS-19  1980's-2000's?

COORS-20  date?
Textured, pebbled logo
Jim Rowley collection

COORS-21  2010's

COORS-21 reverse
Tavern in Madison, WI

COORS-22  2010's

COORS-23  date?
Dan Pawlak collection
COORS-24  date?
COORS-25  2004
COORS-25 reverse
COORS-26 reverse
Front like COORS-1
COORS-27 reverse
Front like COORS-1
BLUM-1  2007
BLUM-2  2000's
BLUM-2 reverse