Blatz Brewing Co., Milwaukee, WI  1852-1958
(later glasses produced after brand acquired by G. Heileman Brewing Co.)

BLATZ-1  1940's
BLATZ-2  1940's
BLATZ-3  Late1940's-early 1950's
BLATZ-4  1940's
BLATZ-5  1950's

BLATZ-6  Late 1950's-early 1960's
BLATZ-7  1970's?
 (Produced by G. Heileman?)
BLATZ-7A  1970's?
(Produced by G. Heileman, shorter glass with larger logo than BLATZ-7)
BLATZ-8  1970's?
Dan Pawlak collection
Jim Rowley photo

BLATZ-9  1980's?
Fred Ungar collection

BLATZ-10  1990's?
BLATZ-11  Late 1950's-1960's
Dan Pawlak collection
BLATZ-5A  1950's?


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