Oconto Brewing Co., Oconto, WI
1863-1920, 1933-1965
OCON-1  1950's


Olympia Brewing Co., Tumwater (Olympia), WA  1902-1983
(Subsidiary of Pabst Brewing Co. after 1983, then S. & P.)
OLYM-1  1960's-1970's
OLYM-2  1960's-1970's
OLYM-3  1960's-1970's
OLYM-4  1960's-1970's
OLYM-5  1980's
OLYM-6  1980's
OLYM-7  1970's?


Oshkosh Brewing Co., Oshkosh, WI
OSHK-1  1940's-1950's
OSHK-2A & 2B  1950's
2B has low logo position & slightly simplified outline (see below)
OSHK-3  1950's-1960's
Minor logo size and color variants exist
OSHK-2A  close-up

OSHK-2B  close-up