Miller Brewing Co., Milwaukee, WI
1853-present (SABMiller since 2003)
MILL-17  1980's
MILL-17A  1980's
Low logo variant
MILL-18  2004
MILL-19  1990's
MILL-20  1990's
Fred Ungar collection
This glass wanted
MILL-25  1970's-1980's
MILL-26  1980's
MILL-27  1990's
MILL-28  1990's
Note larger glass, lower logo placement & rounder eagle logo than MILL-24
MILL-29  2000's
MILL-30  2006


MILL-31  2000's

A MILL-31 glass with Pabst Blue Ribbon on the reverse.  Lettering feels raised compared to enamel on obverse, so is probably an after-market addition
MILL-32  2007
Thick, heavy, "refrigerator" sham
Fred Ungar collection