Canadian Ace Beer, Manhattan Brewing Co., Chicago, IL

MANH-1  Late 1930's
(History courtesy of Paul King)


Mankato Brewing Co., Mankato, MN
1933-1966 (called Cold Spring Brewing Co., 1951-1954)
MANK-1  1940's-1950's
MANK-2  1940's-1950's
Bruce Marks collection
Jim Rowley photo
(this glass wanted)
MANK-3  1950s?
Possible salesman's sample
Fred Ungar collection


Marshfield Brewing Co., Marshfield, WI
1893-1920, 1933-1966
MARS-1  1940's?

MARS-2  1950's?


Mathie-Ruder Brewing Co., Wausau, WI  1934-1955
(merger of 2 brewing names operating in Wausau since 1869 &1859, respectively)
MATH-1  1930's-1940's


Metz Brewing Co., Omaha, NE
1938-1961 (subsidiary of Geo. Muehlebach & Co., 1938-1950)
METZ-1A  early-mid 1940's
(Dates courtesy of Bill Baburek)
METZ-2  early-mid 1940's

METZ-3  early-mid 1950's
(Dates courtesy of Bill Baburek)

METZ-3A printing error
METZ-4  early-mid 1950's
Note white outlined "Metz"
Fred Ungar collection


Mickey Finn's Brewery (Libertyville Brewing Co.). Libertyville, IL  1994-present
MICK-1  2004
MICK-1  reverse