Illinois Brewing Co., Bloomington, IL
International Beer Festival
ILLI-1  2000

Brewfest glass from 2000 has "microscopic" Illinois Brewing Co. and Fat Jack's logos on each side


Independent Milwaukee Brewery, Milwaukee, WI
1901-1920, 1933-1964
INDE-1  1940's
INDE-3  1950's-1960's
INDE-3  "Choicest"

INDE-2  "Choice"


Jackson Brewing Co., New Orleans, LA
1890-1974 (subsidiary of Meisterbrau, Inc., Chicago, IL, 1970-1974)
JACK-1  late1950's-1960's
JACK-2  1950's?

JACK-3  1960's
JACK-4  c.1970
JACK-5  1970's
JACK-6  1970's

JACK-7  1970's


Joliet Citizens Brewing Co., Joliet, IL
1905-1920, 1933-1948
JOLI-1  1940's
Fred Ungar collection

Jung (William G. Jung) Brewing Co., Random Lake, WI

JUNG-1  1940's-1950's