Theo. Hamm Brewing Co., St. Paul, MN
1864-1920, 1933-1975
HAMM-1  late 1930's-1940's
HAMM-2  1940's-1950's

Interesting HAMM-2 with original
1940's-1950's gift shop sticker

HAMM-3  1950's
Fred Ungar collection
HAMM-4  1950's
HAMM-5  1950's
HAMM-6 in Rowley book looks identical to the glass above to me.  Is there a difference?
HAMM-7  1950's

HAMM-5  close-up

HAMM-7 close-up
Dan Pawlak collection

HAMM-9  1950's

HAMM-8  close-up

HAMM-9  close-up

HAMM-10  late 1950's-1960's

HAMM-10 close-up

HAMM-11 close-up
Dan Pawlak collection
HAMM-12  late 1950's-1960's

HAMM-12 close-up
Does a "Refreshing as..." version exist?

Note on slogans: "From the land of sky blue waters" used in midwest states.  "Refreshing as the land of sky blue waters" used on either coast.  American Breweriana Journal #73, March 1995, p. 9
HAMM-13  early 1960's
Fred Ungar collection
"Refreshing as..." slogan
Does a "From the land..." version exist?
HAMM-14  1960's-1970's

HAMM-14 close-up

HAMM-15 close-up
Dan Pawlak collection
HAMM-16  1960's-1970's

HAMM-16  close-up
Does a "Refreshing as..." version exist?
HAMM-17  1960-s-1970's
HAMM-18  1960's-1970's
HAMM-19  1970's
HAMM-20  1970's-1980's

HAMM-21  dates?
This glass wanted

HAMM-22  dates??
This glass wanted
Better picture wanted