Gettysbrew Pub & Brewery, Gettysburg, PA
GETY-1  late 1990s-early 2000s

Globe Brewing Co., Baltimore, MD
GLOBE-1  1950's?


Gluek Brewing Co., Minneapolis, MN
1857-1920, 1933-1965
GLUEK-1  1940's-1950's

GLUEK-2  1950's?
Fred Ungar collection
GLUEK-3  early 1960's
GLUEK-4  early 1960's
Fred Ungar collection

GLUEK-5  early 1960's

GLUEK-6  date?
Craig Pawlak collection
Photo courtesy of Fred Ungar
(this glass wanted)


Goebel Brewing Co., Detroit, MI & Oakland, CA
1873-1919, 1934-1964 (Oakland 1950-1955)
GOEB-1  1940's
Bruce Marks collection
Photo courtesy of Fred Ungar
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GOEB-2  1950-1955
The only 4 known (so far) glasses with this logo were found in the Oakland, CA area, so are probably from the Oakland branch.
Info provided by Dan Pawlak.

GOEB-3  1940's-1950's
Same logo as GOEB-3, but gold
Photo found by Craig Pawlak
Is the catalog color description wrong?
Glasses, Mugs & Steins
Auction #20, Dec. 1998
(this glass wanted)