Galveston-Houston Breweries, Inc., Galveston, TX
1895-1918, 1934-1955
GALV-1  1940's-1950's
GALV-2  1940's-1950's


General Brewing Corp. (or Company), San Francisco, CA  1935-1948, 1963-1967, 1972-1978
Lucky Lager Brewing Co. (Lucky Breweries, Inc.)  1948-1963, 1967-1972
Same brewery, they kept changing names
LUCKY-1  late 1940's
LUCKY-2  late 1940's-1950's
minor variants exist
LUCKY-3 obverse  late 1940's-1950's
LUCKY-3A has no writing on reverse
(glass 3A wanted)

LUCKY-1 reverse
This glass is from a Marine base in Japan

LUCKY-3 reverse
LUCKY-4  early 1960's
LUCKY-5  late 1960's
LUCKY-6  early 1960's
LUCKY-7  early 1960's

LUCKY-8  1970's

Genesee Brewing Co., Rochester, NY
GENE-1  2010s
GENE-1 reverse

Gettelman (A. Gettelman) Brewing Co., Milwaukee, WI
1871-1920, 1933-1961 (division of Miller Brewing Co. 1961-1970)
GETT-1  early to mid 1950's
GETT-2  late 1950's

GETT-3  c. 1960
GETT-4  mid 1960's-early 1970's