Anheuser-Busch, Inc., St. Louis, MO
1860-1919, 1933-present
ANBU-31  Late 1930s
ANBU-32  1940s
ANBU-33  1940s

ANBU-34  1950s
ANBU-35  Late 1950s
ANBU-36  1950s
ANBU-37  1960s-1970s? Older?

ANBU-38  1960s-1970s? Older?

ANBU-37 & 38 close up
ANBU-46  1950s?
ANBU-39  1960s-1970s
ANBU-40  1970s-1980s

ANBU-41  1970s-1980s
short ribbon, "BEER", one trademark
ANBU-42  1980s
short ribbon, no "BEER", one trademark
ANBU-43  1980s
long ribbon, no "BEER", two trademarks
ANBU-43B  1980s
long ribbon, no "BEER", two trademarks, space between ribbon and brand name

ANBU-45  late 1980s-1990s
sans serif font introduced in 1988
All info on Michelob "ribbon" variants thanks to Dan & Craig Pawlak

ANBU-44  1940s
Fred Ungar collection

ANBU-48  late 1930s
Dan Pawlak collection