Hollywood Curling Club, Panorama City (Los Angeles), CA
Organized in Nov., 2007 and started curling in 2008-present


The Curling Club of Houston, Friendswood, TX
This pin from a Canadian curling club in Houston, British Columbia.  Info courtesy of Dave Phillips.


Hudson River Curlers, city?
dates?  I can find one reference to this club from 1917
Pindawg collection
This pin wanted


Hyland Hills Curling Club
Mystery pin.  U.S. club?  Where?  <draw4ATtds.net>

Pindawg collection

Ice Lakes Curling Club, Serene Lakes, CA
Outdoor curling has occured at least once in Serene Lakes and a pin was made. More information needed, write <draw4ATtds.net>

Indian Hill Curling Club, Winnetka, IL
1936-present (currently a "paper" club)
Indian Hill Squaws
Pindawg collection
This pin wanted
This pin wanted
Skye Stevenson collection

Morten & Ole Svendsen collection. Pins and Pin History


Name of Club, City