Kiewel Brewing Co., Little Falls, MN
1893-1920, 1933-1961
KIEW-1  1940's
KIEW-2  1950's
KIEW-3  1940's?
KIEW-4  1940's
KIEW-5  1940's?

Kingsbury Breweries Co., Sheboygan, WI  1934-1962
Subsidiary of G. Heileman Brewing Co., 1962-1974
KING-1  1940's
KING-2  1950's
KING-2A  1950's
Ron Seehafer collection
Photo courtesy of Jim Rowley
(this glass wanted)

KING-3  1950's

KING-4  1960 
KING-5  early 1960's

KING-6  mid 1960's


Fred Koch Brewery, Dunkirk, NY
1911-1920, 1933-1985
KOCH-1  1950's


Krantz Brewing Corp., Findlay, OH
KRAN-1  1950's