International Beer Fest, Peoria, IL
Do bulge top shams exist from 1997, 1998 and 2002-2007?

IBFP-1994  close-up


IBFP-1995  close-up

IBFP-1996  close-up
obverse & reverse

IBFP-1999  close-up
obverse & reverse

IBFP-2000A  close-up
obverse & reverse
IBFP-2000B reverse
Obverse is the same as IBFP-2000A
IBFP-2008A obverse
IBFP-2008B obverse
IBFP-2008A reverse
IBFP-2008B reverse

International Beer Festival, Bloomington-Normal, IL
IBFBN-2000 (also ILLI-1) obverse

IBFBN-2000 (also ILLI-1)  reverse
IBFBN-2001 obverse

IBFBN-2001 reverse
IBFBN-2002 obverse

IBFBN-2002 reverse

Name of Brewery, City