Chicago Curling Club, Northbrook, IL
Chicago Heathers
Pin from the original Chicago C.C. which curling outdoors through the 1930's or early 40's.
Info from Eric Cable.
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Pindawg collection

Convex and flat variants
25th Anniversary founders pin
All pins with this design have a name engraved on the reverse We think this pin was awarded to original 1948 members.

25th Anniversary pin
"Generic" design available to anyone.
Information courtesy of Ralph Brendler
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45th Anniversary pin
Mike Fraboni collection

50th Anniversary pin
Judy Johnson collection
60th Anniversary pin
Eric Cable collection
Newer version
Morten & Ole Svendsen collection. Pins and Pin History
Older version
Size variants exist
Senior women's group, subset of the Heathers
Pindawg collection
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