Penn Brewing Co., Pittsburgh, PA
PENN-1  2011

Pittsburgh Brewing Co. (Iron City Brewery), Pittsburgh, PA
1888-1920, 1933-2009 (Iron City Beer is currently contract brewed at City Brewing Co., Latrobe, PA)
PITT-1  1970's
Bruce Marks collection
Photo courtesy of Fred Ungar
(this glass wanted)
PITT-2  date?


Pointer Brewery, Clinton, IA
Also known as Clinton Brewing Co. & other names, 1869-1941
Reproduction glass photographed in an Iowa antique mall.  No glass like this was ever produced by the brewery.

Portland Brewing Co., Portland, OR
PORB-1  date??
Fred Ungar collection
This glass wanted

Pyramid Alehouse, Berkeley, CA  1997-present
(Branch of Pyramid Breweries, Inc., formerly Hart Brewing Co., Kalama, WA  1984-present)
PYRA-1  2004
PYRA-1 reverse

PYRA-1A  2000's
Same reverse as PYRA-1
PYRA-2  late 2000's
Reverse side has website
PYRA-3  2000's?