Detroit Curling Club, Ferndale, MI
Detroit Rockettes
Pin histories from David M. Sgriccia, Historian of the Detroit Curling Club
Pindawg collection
Designed in 1932.
Minor variations in size, darkness of rock, brightness of gold and distance thistle extends above top of pin

Silver broom variant to left

Morten & Ole Svendsen
collection. Pins and Pin History
Pindawg collection
Early in the last century, Detroit CC bonspiel teams gave themselves names. The Detroit Polecats are the only team known to have had a trading pin made.

Pindawg collection
The Detroit Sinners is a club-within-a-club.  A few of bachelors started a Sunday morning curling league in the 1930s.  Missing church services, they called it the Sinners Bonspiel.  The group grew and their meetings soon included making breakfast at the club on Sunday morning.  The Royal Order of Sinners is still active today.

Polished background, different shoes and rock
Pindawg collection

David M. Sgriccia collection
Made for the Scots Tour visit to Detroit CC on Feb. 23, 1912. Patterned after the Great Seal of Michigan. The slogan "In Detroit Life is Worth Living" comes from a 1911 tourism brochure.

David M. Sgriccia collection
Patterned after the City of Detroit flag which was designed around 1907 and officially adopted by the city in 1948. The pin is thought to have been made to commerorate the Scots Tour of 1949 where Detroit CC was the only U.S. curling club visited.
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