American Breweriana Association's Coaster Collections

American Breweriana Association's collections of U.S. beer coasters has been sorted, labeled and packed for storage at The National Brewery Museum in Potosi, Wisconsin.

Many coasters have not yet been donated to the collections. ABA members are asked to view the coaster lists below and donate coasters to the collection at:

ABA Coaster Collections
c/o Scott Reich
5214 River Road
Waunakee, WI 53597

It has been convenient to keep our collection of traditional regional/national breweries separate from our collection of newer craft brewery (microbrewery, brewpub) coasters

ABA Microcoaster Collection (for U.S. craft brewery, microbrewery, brewpub, etc. coasters)
We are seeking coasters from breweries not already represented in the ABA collection. We would also like to add coasters from breweries already in the collection, particularly if there is a logo change, new brand or brewery anniversary. A link to our craft brewery coaster want list is below.

ABA Microcoaster Collection Want List (posted 6.1.19)

ABA Coaster Collection
(for traditional U.S. regional and national brewery coasters)
We are seeking any coaster not already in the ABA collection. A link to a list of coasters already in the collection is below, sorted by state, then city, then brewery, then individual coaster code from the website To create a coaster code from the list in the link below, string together the state code-brewery code-coaster code. For example, the code for the first coaster on the list below is AZ-ARZ-1 (Arizona, Arizona Brewing, coaster #1). Please note that the list is a list of coasters already in the collection, not a want list. Please donate coasters that are not yet on the list to the address above.

ABA Coaster Collection List (posted 4.7.18) Excluding Anheuser-Busch, Coors, Miller (see below)

Anheuser-Busch Want List, ABA Coaster Collection (posted 8.31.18)

Coors Brewing Want List, ABA Coaster Collection (posted 8.31.18)

Miller Brewing Want List, ABA Coaster Collection (posted 8.31.18)